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NGO Website Designing Company in Bangalore

Different non-governmental organisations NGO’s have the distinct purpose for making their official websites. Some of them need to let people know about the good work they do, some of them need to raise funds for social welfare, and others need to encourage people to serve goods for the underprivileged and so on. All such different organisations with distinct purpose are united with a sole purpose of creating a website, that is, to reach out people! Through our website designing service for NGO’s, we take a special care of your mission and impact that is to be created for the internet.

Our team understands that website for NGO’s are different from any corporate internet site and that the sole reason of objective of every NGO differs from others. Here is how we take a stance more dedicated for giving you a website the best representation of your mission and help you build your own community with thousands of people joining your organisation.

We offer the following features free of cost to NGO’s with our service :-

  • Free web hosting for NGO’s for first year

  • Free domain for NGO’s for first year

  • Free maintenance of website for first year

  • Free monthly backup of sites for first year

  • non-profit website builder

    Graphics & Artwork

    Picturing a vivid presentation & patterns of your approach & vision with creativity.

    non-profit website builder

    User Accessibility

    Making it easy to access your services, resources and contact information through an engaging user interface.

    non-profit website builder

    Active Participation

    Developing a simplified donation process for people to participate in your campaign.

    Brand Building

    Adding social media elements for increasing the digital visibility of your organisation.


    Giving Insights

    Creating separate gallery sections for you to let people know where and how their donated money is invested.

    User Interaction

    Developing the strategies such as contact us form, newsletters, volunteering, etc. by which people get more involved with your website and with you.

    If you are looking for free or discounted services of website designing for NGO’s, you have reached the right place. Enquire today by writing in to ask@360websitedesigning.com

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