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HR Website Portals

A company is benefited ten times better with an HR portal where the hectic procedure of recruitment and disseminating the information such as companies policies, vacancies, safety manual, activities, events etc. is made easy. Today, HR portals are gaining a great popularity among many small scales & leading firms, employees, and job applicants because they do not need to browse thousands of useless websites or blogs for getting the right information anymore.

At 360 Website, we have been creating the HR website portals in Bangalore for every small-scale industry to a big one, catering every simplest and complex requirement with perfection. Because there are many challenges in HR portal development, we are prepared to get right through each of them to deliver you an efficient and flexible portal for your HR website portal company in Bangalore.

Let us brief you a little about the components that we give you in your HR website portals in Bangalore:

  • Online leave request & approval.
  • Facilitated data export & data filter.
  • Build integration to HR apps on your website.
  • Optimized to obtain efficient search results.
  • Candidate application form made available.
  • Recruitment & performance management system embedded.
  • Content management system for creating, maintaining & organizing the content.

Because an HR portal is full of many intricate functionalities, we programme your website with proper programming techniques and practices to avoid any discrepancy and website vulnerabilities. We guarantee you that there will be no poor authentication or session management or any other mismanaged functionality in your HR portal. To learn more about our services and guarantees, contact us today!

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